Flor de Bee is a spicy, whimsical duo of international proportions. Acoustic guitar, sassy vocals, gliding harmonies and percussion present jazz, pop, latin and french classics with a tantalizing twist.

A Fresh, Retro take on World Jazz Classics, Flor de Bee delights audiences with the fiery and whimsical blend of its two strong lead players on vocals, guitar/banjo and cajon. From “La Vie en Rose’ and ‘Volare’ to "Sweet Georgia Brown" & ‘Stray Cat Strut’, Susannah Martin and Vincent Z top their performance off with smooth and surprising harmonies, including dual scat-singing (vocal improvisation) of multi-dimensions.  Also available as a trio or quartet with bass, guitar/ukulele and/or drumset.

Susannah and Vincent are beyond magical.....I have never enjoyed a musical evening more!”

— Jeannie M. Sedona, AZ April 2019

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More About Flor de Bee

Vincent Z is a well-traveled French “saltimbanque” (France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, The United States and Venezuela), singing and playing traditional melodies and rhythms from around the world. Accomplished in many styles (Samba, Beguine, Rumba, Gypsy Swing, Soukous, and more), Vincent Z performs solo as well as with FoxyKoshka,  Jazz Bedouins, Zigaboom, and the Z Mango Blues! He sings songs in English, French, French Creole Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew and Russian. The show is entertaining, danceable and educational, and provides a cultural experience for all ages. Ballroom and social dancers welcome.

Vocalist, Susannah Martin, exploded onto the Arizona music scene in 2005 and immediately established herself as one the area’s most in-demand singers. Her formal arts education started with voice and music training at the age of ten at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts and culminated in a music degree from Willamette University in Oregon. Susannah has performed in concerts, festivals, clubs and cruise ships across the U.S. and has released a debut album entitled “Tropico Sur”. Susannah’s fluid, sultry voice is colored with jazz and r&b, along with a spicy international flair ignited by her multi-lingual singing in latin styles. Her ability to improvise lifts her performance to further enticing heights. Currently residing in Sedona, AZ, Susannah performs there with her many bands and has coached contemporary a cappella choir, vocal workshops and individual voice lessons in Arizona and southern California and Louisville, KY.

QUOTES about Flor de Bee, Susannah & Vincent Z:

You and Vincent are beyond magical……….I have never enjoyed a musical evening more! You just get better and better! What a songstress you are - I love watching you as well as listening.  Dynamite, my lady!!”  ~Jeannie M., Sedona 4/2019

 Vincent Z’s music delves into the hearts of multiple countries, evoking an array of simple, happy and complex emotions. For many it’s a way of remembering where you came from or even something lost, and for others it can simply set or accompany a mood." ~ Flagstaff Live 

"From Caribbean style cumbia and biguine to Cuban and Mediterranean rumba to roots-inspired samba, swing and blues, Vincent Z sings each genre in a mix of different languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. The result is a series of smooth rhythms and poetic vocals." ~ Flagstaff Live

Susannah Martin is just what audiences need to hear in a rising and expanding talent: honesty, swing, class, good notes, tasteful repertoire…sexy attitude, excellent audience rapport –she’s delicious!”
- Kurt Elling (Blue Note recording artist, Chicago jazz vocalist)

Susannah has amazing stage presence and her voice is, well, divine.”
- Lori S. from Sedona, AZ