The Dynamite Divas

Shondra Jepperson, Jeanie Carroll and Susannah Martin are 'The Dynamite Divas'!


For Dynamite Divas Booking:  Call Shondra (928) 301-8288 or click for Booking Form 

Three powerhouse female vocalists / entertainers dazzle and deliver with Motown, Rock n’ Roll, Disco, World Music and Broadway hits. From Andrews Sisters to Pointers Sisters, Edith Piaf to Aretha Franklin – their energy and passion brings audiences to their feet again and again.

With multiple costume changes, fun characters and dance moves, Shondra, Jeanie & Susannah enchant their audiences, whether performing tribute shows or specialty concerts. 

Dynamite Divas Theme Shows

Dynamite Diva Theme Shows have included:       *      Fabulous 50s   *   Divas Through the Decades  *     WWII/Andrews Sisters    *   Good Morning Vietnam/Patriotic     *     Motown Divas      *    Diva Christmas 

They're Sassy, They're Sweet and They're Dynamite!!